Vanilla Sheet Cake with Pink Beet Frosting

Well, hello there 🙂 Thank you guys for bearing with me the past month! I didn’t mean to disappear, but I was so busy with the kids that I did not have an extra second in my day to write a post. We finally got Grayson in, what we believe, is the absolute perfect school situation! YAY! He is finishing up his first week there and totally loves it. I feel so good about the whole thing and just so incredibly happy we found the right spot for him. Sometimes you just don’t get everything right the first time! Anyway, I feel like a little bit of balance is being restored to our lives with that whole “situation” working out.  And guess what? I made you the most amazing cake for Valentine’s Day! Okay, the cake IS good…but it’s really the frosting here that is so special. Oh my gosh, you guys, please believe me when I tell you it could be the very best frosting I have ever made! And the special ingredient: roasted beets! But you’d never know it!!!!! Just take my word for it okay?    It all started with my desire to make a hot pink […]

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