Welcome Brooks Monroe (a birth story)

On October 25th, we joyfully welcomed the arrival of our third son into the world, Brooks Monroe Beaugh! I truly can’t believe that my water has broken on my due date TWICE now (Grayson was also born on his due date). I guess, if anything, my kids sure are punctual!  I have been really wanting to share our birth story with you guys forever now but seriously have underestimated, ummm, having time to do anything with three little kids. 😉 Every time I sat down to write this, it just never happened. Well, my two older boys are in school right now and for the time being Brooks is sleeping peacefully in his bassinet, so here we go! On October 25th I felt SO tired. Like, insanely tired. My mom and I went to Target (funny that I think of this now because I have walked Target the day before going into labor with all three of my kids now – there’s something to it!) and then I just laid on the couch and rested during the afternoon. I almost canceled the massage I had booked that evening because I was just feeling so tired and weary from being so […]

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