My Favorite Cookbooks

I get asked quite often about what my latest favorite cookbooks are since as much as I love developing recipes, that sometimes feels like a job to me. What I really love is paging through a wonderful cookbook, stumbling across something that sounds amazing and whipping it up for my family! That’s how I actually destress. I have a LOT of cookbooks. I feel like I’ve been collecting them for at least fifteen years now, and I keep them all out in a big bookshelf in our living room where I can see them all!  My “favorites” list is constantly changing, but since you asked, here are a few of my most used cookbooks. The ones I come back to time and time again, whose pages are dogeared and stained. I hope you can find some inspiration from this post. Food blogs are truly wonderful, but at the end of the day I am such a tactile person that I prefer cooking from a book rather than a blog (maybe I shouldn’t say that because you’ll stop reading my blog? haha).  Food52 A New Way to Dinner: I love this book! I don’t follow it to a T (as in, […]

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