Getting Ready for Baby

As many of you know, we recently moved the boys into the same room together to save on space and get ready for baby boy number three coming this fall! I was initially a little worried about how the transition would go, but other than a little bit later nights and earlier mornings, it’s all good. The boys LOVE being so close and now instead of “Grayson’s room”, it’s the “brother room”. 🙂  I am itching to start nesting and getting everything ready in the nursery for our new little one! We are using the same crib and furniture, but I ended up moving things around a bit to make it feel like a new space. I will show you guys photos of everything once we are all done. It’s going to start coming together here soon! Anyway, as a mom to soon-to-be three boys under the age of five, obviously cleaning and, um, deodorizing is a must. I am pretty cautious with what products I use, especially around the kiddos. For all purpose cleaning, I use Thieves and a little goes a long way. I use it on the floors, nursery furniture, windows and just about everywhere. I love […]

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