Oreo Icebox Pie

Well, we are kicking it old school this morning. WAY old school. If you’re been following my blog for awhile, you may remember my Great Grandmother’s recipe box! I shared dozens of her recipes on this site back in 2011 and they were always so much fun, as well as rather quirky. This icebox pie is one of hers! I actually did share this with y’all seven years ago (!!) but when I looked back at the recipe, I realized it just never got the love it deserves. This pie truly is FANTASTIC and so, so perfect for any summer barbecue or get together.  I think what I love most about this recipe (other than the amazing taste, obviously) is how different it is. Would you ever guess by looking at the picture that you melt marshmallows to make the filling??! It’s my guess that my Great Grandmother did that because maybe gelatin was hard to come by at the time? I honestly have no clue but it just works so why question a good thing? 😉 I actually made this for our family’s 4th of July celebration. We played it super low key – just took the kids to […]

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