Celebrating Mac & Cheese Day with Annie’s!

My kids may be really good eaters and love a wide variety of foods like olives and smoked salmon, but if I were to ask them what their favorite dinner is would be HANDS DOWN macaroni and cheese…or as Luke calls it “hot cheese, please!” I have one “Team Fork” member in the house and one “Team Spoon!”. I will let you guys guess who is who. 😉   I mean, they are little kids after all! And while I have made homemade mac & cheese for them before, I have to tell you that Annie’s Classic Cheddar Mac & Cheese really is our go-to. I always keep at least two boxes in the pantry at all times. I love to mix in some peas and carrots (yes, frozen but organic!) or chopped broccoli into the kid’s bowls so I know at least I’m getting a veggie in there too. A good mom hack I have learned is to give my kids some mac & cheese for dinner early on the weekends around 5pm…and then make a really nice “date night at home” dinner for Adam and myself after they go to bed. 😉 A moms gotta have some shortcuts under […]

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