Weekend Adventures in Tomales Bay

On Saturday, we headed out to the coast to escape the heat! Tomales Bay is about an hour and a half from our house and one of our very favorite places. If I had to choose a perfect day, it would definitely involve heading out there and chowing down on some delicious barbecued oysters right on the water (if you’re ever in the area, our two favorite places to get some are Nick’s Cove and Marshall Store. They grill them up fresh for you right there and top them with some absolutely amazing sauces – everything from barbecue to bacon and worchestershire!).  The weather out in Tomales and Point Reyes is usually much cooler than the rest of the Bay Area, so we packed up our swimsuits AND sweatshirts, chicken sausages and chips, and headed out with the kids! There are many beaches out there, but our very favorite one is Heart’s Desire. The beach is sheltered from the wind and the water is usually warm enough for swimming. If I had to pick the best family friendly beach in the Bay Area (for those with little kids), I would definitely say this one! The water is warm and shallow. […]

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