The Road to Clean Beauty

This is a post brought you to by popular demand – it’s been a long time coming! I have been talking a lot about skincare and beauty products over on my Instagram lately, and many of you have asked for a more in depth look at my “journey” transitioning from “normal” products to an all natural line. I’m happy to write about it today! Revamping my skincare routine not only has really done absolute wonders for my face, but also given me such a relaxing routine at night to wind down…and I swear I have been sleeping better!  So, let’s chat about this. I have sort of been all over the place with cleansers. FOREVER I just used those Neutrogena makeup remover wipes on my face at night and that is it! I think I started doing that when I was pregnant with Grayson because it was just so easy at the end of the day to swipe and fall into bed…and they really do remove ALL makeup! I didn’t tone. I didn’t moisturize…all I did was wipe and go. During the day for the past four years, I have used all BeautyCounter makeup products on my face (note that […]

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