Our Central Coast Road Trip with the Kids

Forgive me for finally having a moment to post about our family road trip that we took two weeks ago down to the Central Coast! We had the best time and I’ve been getting a ton of questions from many of you who want to plan your own road trip soon.  Adam took the day off of work on Friday, we packed the car and drove the four hours down (okay so it was supposed to be four hours but with kids it ended up being 5.5…who’s counting?!) to a little seaside town called Cambria. Fun fact – Adam and I flew down to Cambria a few days after we met back in ’09 to look at a winery we might do some work for. I hardly knew him but we were told we were traveling together – just the two of us – to check out the winery. If you feel lost on the whole story, you can read about our interesting story here but please don’t judge me on all the bold font and terrible photos. We’ve come far, friends. We’ve come far.  ANYWAY, flash forward nine years and we went back! Not to that winery, but to […]

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