Our Life Lately

I haven’t written one of these “true to life” posts in awhile! Things over here have been extremely busy, but that is nothing new. We are experiencing a lot of change right now – unexpected change, really, as we recently made the tough decision to pull Grayson out of his current preschool and keep him home until Fall. There’s a lot there to talk about, but most of it is personal and not internet worthy. What I can say though is that his current school just wasn’t a good fit for him and we’re looking forward to many cozy days at home this season. What that means in relation to this space is that I may be posting a little less than usual during this busy season we’re in. I’ve always considered my number one job to be a mom and right now I’ve got two boys under four at home with me full time. I’m trying to embrace the change and know it’s just a season. We’re intentionally trying to slow way down over here this year and dig in deep in the season we are in. My hands have never felt fuller, but they are full of good […]

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