Gluten Free Holiday Spice Cookies

Happy one week until Christmas Day 🙂 So, as most of you probably know, over the past month we have been experimenting with going gluten-free to help with some of the “issues” Luke has been having, basically since birth. I did a whole elimination diet with him and really thought gluten was the answer. However, after completing the whole diet thing, it doesn’t look like gluten or dairy are the problems after-all! This is good and bad news. It’s good because now Luke can eat baguettes, pasta and cream again. Bless his heart. It’s bad, though, because we are back to square one. We have decided to just wait things out until he turns two and then proceed with some more in depth allergy tests. Sigh. That was frustrating BUT it really did open a whole new world of exploring gluten-free baking for me…one that I really enjoyed actually! These cookies are, hands down, my favorite thing to come out of the gluten free diet weeks. I am absolutely addicted to these and plan to bake more with the kids this week once Grayson is over his cold. Gluten free or not…these are GOOD! As in, really really really good […]

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