Instant Pot Spiced Cider

I seriously cannot even BELIEVE that Christmas is two weeks from TODAY. I feel like I say this every year at this time, but wow…where did the time go?! I think about last December…we moved into our new house in a new city right after Christmas. It felt like a hard season back then. I had a five month old and a two year old and, as much as I thought I would unpack “over the weekend”, we ended up living in boxes for months before we were finally all settled. I didn’t know anyone in our new area and I stayed home a ton with the boys. It rained. A lot.  Flash forward to this year and my boys are three and a half and (almost) one and a half. Luke started walking last month and that combined with his first haircut makes him seem so old to me! I’m officially the mom of a toddler and a preschooler and our days are busy, busy, busy.  I have been really loving spiced cider this season! I don’t know what I love more — the fact that whenever I make it my whole house smells like apples and spices… or […]

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