17 Baby Items I (Actually) Recommend

I get asked fairly often what our baby “must haves” are, so I finally compiled a list! I feel like you collect SO MUCH STUFF when you have kids when, really, you don’t need half of it. I mean, let’s be honest…when you come home from the hospital with a newborn you just need diapers and your breast (or bottle). 😉 Anyway, after having two kiddos, these really are the items that we have loved and been so glad we purchased. I hope this list helps someone out there (and you guys are always asking where I get my sippy cups and bibs from…!). Like everything else, these are the things that just worked for us. I hope they work for you as well but everyone is different. All babies are different. My other big advice is don’t get hung up on all the “stuff” you need when you’re expecting your first baby. There’s so much gimicky baby stuff out there today and I just can’t even with Babies R Us. That place gives me a migraine with all it’s stuff everywhere. Let me know if there’s something you have seen me use a lot but I might have forgotten […]

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