Maple Mustard Roast Chicken Tray Bake

If you can think of a weeknight meal that’s more comforting than roast chicken and potatoes, be my guest. πŸ˜‰ I make a LOT of roast chicken at house because it’s a very simple and easy meal that everyone loves! Usually, I use whole pastured chickens from a farm near our house, but lately I have been getting more and more bone-in chicken parts — really, because they cook faster and it’s just as good. I love putting in a “tray bake” like this during naptime so I have dinner all set and ready after I get home from preschool pickup. I don’t know about you guys, but the last thing I really want to be doing at 5pm is slaving in the kitchen with my kids on my heels. There’s wine for that. This is a very seasonal take on classic roast chicken with lots of roast sweet potatoes and sage. The chicken, itself, is basted with a sweet maple mustard glaze that sort of caramelizes as it roasts. Your house is going to smell amazing, take my word for it. This comes together very easily, probably with pantry items you already have. I was able to throw this […]

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