Honey Spelt Bread

You guys know me and my bread!! This easy recipe is for all of you out there who don’t want to mess with the whole starter thing and just want a solid, heavenly scented loaf ready in one hour instead of….twelve. I adore this bread and have made it often over the past few years. I got the original recipe from one of Grayson’s early teachers, Susanna. When he was Luke’s age, we did an outdoor nature class with him on Saturdays that still remains one of my favorite memories. Every week, we would bundle up and explore one of San Francisco’s beautiful parks or beaches. Midway through the class, we would break and the teacher would set out a picnic blanket, herbal tea in a thermos and this bread, still warm from her oven at home.   I asked her for her recipe and she happily shared. This is a hearty bread made with 100% spelt flour, milk, eggs, butter and lots of honey. It’s easy to throw together, which makes it a great baking with your kids activity. Trust me – it’s hard to mess this one up. The worst thing that could happen is flour on the […]

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