Instant Pot Barbecue Chicken

**In the month of August, we are doing a Whole30 (I’ll talk more about it soon!). Recipes I post on this site this month may or may not be compliant** Do you guys have an Instant Pot yet?! I have been using mine more and more these days just because it allows me to make dinner during naptime and keep it warm until 5:30 when the kids eat. Barbecue chicken was the first thing I ever made in my Instant Pot when I bought it last year and it still remains one of my very favorite things to make. Everyone loves this dish! We don’t do a lot of barbecue chicken on the grill because I find it difficult to get right — either the chicken is overdone and turns dry, or it’s raw. In this recipe, all you do is throw the chicken pieces in the pot and cover with barbecue sauce. Turn on and walk away. 🙂 No stress!    I like to use a variety of bone-in chicken thighs and drumsticks here. I’ve learned to always cook more than I *think* I need because the boys are very quickly starting to eat like little athletes. 😉 Plus, […]

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