Creamy Cajun Shrimp Pasta

‘Tis the time for slurpy, creamy, slightly spicy (but still fine for the kids!) sauce. I’m getting hungry just looking at these photos and remembering how epic this PANTRY MEAL turned out to be last week. That’s right – this meal came about because I had no idea what to cook for Sunday night dinner. I remembered the shrimp I had bought and frozen last month and, well, we always have spaghetti handy because kids. We are huge fans of anything Cajun over here (remember this recipe?!) but since having kids we are definitely going easy on the spicy food. I actually think I have lost some of my spice tolerance! It’s now been eight years since we hosted our amazing hot sauce exchange holiday party and in that time, I have become quite a wuss. Kids, man.  Anyway, I developed this recipe to be a little tame on the spice front but to still have so much wonderful flavor that we all know and love from any Cajun pasta dish! It was a huge hit with and I plan to make it again soon! I love simple pasta dinners like this. Throw everything in the skillet, gather the kiddos […]

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